Job shadowing questions

  1. What did you learn from your presentation?- i Learned how much hours they work what they have to wear to work and how much the get paid.
  2. How well do you think you did on your presentation?-i think i did good on my presentation.
  3. What are some presentation techniques that can you incorporate into your next presentation?- i would’ve put in some videos,and change the background on slides.
  4. What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation?- to add more information and videos
  5. Finish the following statements:
  6. I wish that I would have… added how the salary increase
  7. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t…. talk to fast
  8. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I… can change around my slides

Black history month

Rosa parks was the first African american women too refuse to sit in the back instead she keep sitting in the front so she was arrested for sitting in the front. She was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. She moved in with her parents james, and Leona McCauley to pine level Alabama at the age of 2 years old. She had a brother his name was sylvester. Rosa parks mother was a teacher, and her family was well educated. Rosa moved to Montgomery, Alabama, at age 11 and eventually attended high school.She left at 16, early in 11th grade, because she needed to care for her dying grandmother. In 1932, at 19, she married Raymond Parks, a self-educated man 10 years her senior who worked as a barber.He supported Rosa in her efforts to earn her high-school diploma, which she ultimately did the following year.“People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired,” wrote Parks in her autobiography, “but that isn’t true. I was not tired physically… No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”On December 5, Parks was found guilty of violating segregation laws, given a suspended sentence and fined $10 plus $4 in court costs. The reason she made a change is that she was tired of getting pushed around by white people so she stood up and fought back.

3 videos

the purpose of the video was to show people and how to get better at it. The stance of it to show people that they should get the game. the audience should get the game because its a very fun and strategy game.

the purpose of this video is to show people show work hard they should work. The stance is to show people that they can achieve anything in life. the audience can learn from this cause they should work hard to become better.

the purpose of this video is he trying to make other feel better about this game will he tries to get better. the stance is he trying to be funny and get good at the game. The audience is us cause we watch him get better while he makes fun of himself and then game at the same time.

social issue topic

What is your social issue?

My social issue is death penalty

Why is it such a social issue?  What do people disagree about in relation to this topic? 

My issue is people think we should have death penalty and other people think we shouldn’t.  People disagree with having it cause they think having people go to life in prison is worse than the death penalty.

What is your proposed solution?  Why do you think this is the best solution?

My solution is they shouldn’t have a death penalty sentence cause increase the murder rate if we need to decrease it. My solution on what they ever did they should get years in prison.

What are pros to your solution?

i dont want to have people get sentence to the death penalty. to me thats not fair cause if he commited a bad crime he shouldn’t get punished a death penalty.

What are cons to your solution?

other people think different cause they think they should on whatever they did. They think that should get a death sentence instead od life in prison.

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? (Need to post at least 2 questions)

Do you think you we should have a death penalty? If so why?


Play dough

Inline imageThe play dough creation i made was a smile face. The reason why i made it is because people should have great attitude all the time in life. The other reason i did a smile face cause i wanted people should have a good day every  time they come to school cause no one should come to school always sad. I saw someone made some headphones. it was interesting cause i think they like listening to music a lot. I think when they listen too music they grove along with the song and the beat of it. Another person made a kangaroo. I think he made it cause he likes that type of animal. Someone else made food cause that’s what they really like. The made a waffle with syrup lines on top and little cherry’s.  Some one else made a emblem of there own name on it. Another person made something about being emo. Another one made a soccer ball. they made it because they must want to be soccer player and they want to help other become one too. The reason why the did it is because they think they are the leader of there team. The assignment was we show make a design that is about us. I brain stormed by thinking of what makes me happy and energetic.  the other reason why i made that is because i want people to have smiles on they faces instead sad faces and people shouldn’t always should be happy instead of sad.

death penalty

After looking at the poll between having a death penalty or not having it. Between blacks, white. Blacks think they should have it because if they take someone else life your’s should be taken. White thinks the same thing cause they want to keep society safe for their children and ours.  People that makes less than 25k says they should have a death penalty cause even though they don’t make that much money they think that there should be a death penalty to people. But a lot of people say no because they think life in prison is more harsh than the death penalty. In Chicago they think there should be a death penalty cause to me they shouldn’t cause i think there is no point because there is no point if there is one person is dead why make two.  Another reason is people might be accused to a crime someone else commited and the might get sentenced to a death penalty and they didn’t do anything wrong. The demarcates and republican party think they should also have a death penalty. But to me i think they should just get life in prison instead of a death penalty. People that make over 200k think they should too.